Speaking of stewardship...

Jim Benson jb at speed.net
Sat Feb 22 17:22:07 UTC 2003


> Is Zurgle actively maintained?

I've used the Zurgle code day in/day out since last June. The last bug
reports posted on the Swiki were in that time period. I have either fixed
the bugs and published the code, or decided to live with them. As far as I
know, there are not any major outstanding issues that need to be addressed.
However, Zurgle is only for 3.2.

> It would be great if it and the other alternative look packages were
> available via SqueakMap click-to-install. It's precisely the kind of
> work that most needs to be clearly visible...

I tried to convert the package into a SqueakMap form early on, but failed.
Since that time 3.4 came out. There are two major bugs that make Zurgle
incompatible with that release. First the event triggering mechanism
semantics have changed, that's probably an easy fix. Second, the icon morphs
in the flaps (and probably various other places) do not display correctly. I
spent some time trying to hunt the problem down, but no luck.

For the forseeable future, personally I'm only going to be using 3.2. As far
as further development, I don't see that happening any time soon.


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