Islands for Squeak3.4 and beyond

Lex Spoon lex at
Sat Feb 22 15:03:47 UTC 2003

Wow, Brent!  Go for it!

I notice that the code seems to come from Squeak 2.9, patch 2447.  So
that's the ideal image version to try again with.  If you are using a
different version, then please try with that one.

There is a VM patch that will be needed down the line, by the way: it's
forgivingPrims.cs.  Are you up for that kind of thing, or does someone
else need to jump in?  After a little thought, I think it is best to
separate the VM change from Islands proper.  It's a simple change, and
it has no effect for regular images.  Thus, it would help if someone
loaded forgivingPrims.cs into a current image and regenerated interp.c
from it.  Note that to get it loaded, it is necessary to add this method
to ClassDescription:

    makeSelector: ignored privilaged: ignored2
        "do nothing"

But the primitive is not needed until later in tho bootstrap process. 
I'm not sure why PrivilagedMethods would fail to load.  It *is* doing a
tricky thing by adding a variable to ClassDescription, and maybe
ClassBuilder is having problems.  If you are using an earlier Squeak
version than expected, then perhaps that is the problem.  (My early
guestimate was Squeak 2.8, but it looks like 2.9p2447 is the right one) 
If not, can you figure out how for through the changeset it gets?  Or
does it even *finish* the changeset?


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