Islands for Squeak3.4 and beyond

Boris Gaertner Boris.Gaertner at
Sat Feb 22 23:14:02 UTC 2003

Brent Vukmer <bvukmer at> wrote:

>>I created a "rough-draft" of an Islands SAR file for Squeak 3.4:


Thank you a lot, Brent!
>>Is the Squeak-E team interested in taking over from here?
>>Contributions are welcome...
>>I don't understand the error I saw.


>>--Loading this SAR takes alot of CPU and a long time ( all classes are
re-compiled ).
>>--This SAR is not installing successfully yet.
>>--My test image Transcript shows:
>>LOADING changeset ACSMsgA.1.cs
>>(day is Undeclared) (year is Undeclared) (day is
>>Undeclared)(DefaultSortBlock is Undeclared)
day, year were instance variables of class Date in Squeak 2.8. Class layout
of Date was changed when we moved to 3.0. Subclasses DateRule etc.
still use the instance variables that we removed. This is easy to fix. A
examination of the problem reveals that ony one single instance method
of DateRule directly accesses the removed instance variables.

DefaultSortBlock is not class variable in SortedCollection as it comes.
Somebody added it in an attempt to bring class SortedCollection
closer to ANSI. This is also easy to fix.

The attached change set fixes these two problems; it should
replace file  ACSMsgA.1.cs  in file Islands.sar.

>>LOADING changeset ACSMsgB.1.cs
>>LOADING changeset ACSMsgC.1.cs
>>LOADING changeset cheezyBangSyntax.1.cs
>>LOADING changeset cmCopy.1.cs
>>LOADING changeset PrivilagedMethods.9.cs
This change set contains a modification of class
ClassDescription. An attempt is made to add an
instance variable to that class. This requires recompilation
of the entire system and in Squeak 3.4 it ends with a fatal error.
This is the same error that Nathanael Schärli <n.schaerli at>
reported when he announced Traits (mail from Feb 02, 2003)

We really really have to fix that problem but at this moment I do
not have the time to do it. (It is not a simple thing to understand
what is currently wrong. Things are additionally complicated by
the fact that recompilation of the entire system is time consuming,
so the testing alone requires many hours)

Since Squeak 3.2 we had two change sets that substantially
modified the ClassBuilder; these are change sets 4956 und 5092.

I tried to load Island into Squeak 3.0. Recompilation of
class ClassDescription and all its subclasses was possible, but
later I ran in problems that I currently do not understand.

For this evening my resumee is that it is not that easy to
bring Island to newer versions of Squeak. Sorry!

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