[ANN] Zurgle registered on SqueakMap

Jim Benson jb at speed.net
Sun Feb 23 06:45:10 UTC 2003

The Zurgle project code has been registered on SqueakMap, for both Squeak
3.2 and 3.4. The code is provided in .SAR format.

Zurgle provides alternate appearances for Squeak using themes, as well as
establishing more conventional UI conventions. The default theme is drawn
from Windows XP, and is named Luna. Note that this just for demonstration
purposes, and that a suitably motivated person could provide for other

A special thanks the amazing Ned Konz for providing help in converting the
code to run under 3.4 and packaging information.

There are some outstanding bugs in the 3.4 release that I should be able to
address in the near future. As usual, the Zurgle bug reporting page is at:


If you have bugs to report, feel free to send me an email or place them on
the flypaper at the above mentioned address.

Jim Benson

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