Relationship between Morphs

Germán S. Arduino garduino at
Sun Feb 23 12:25:29 UTC 2003

Hi Squeakers:

I'm developing a VERY simple morphic project. I've made (until now) all with
the visual tools, taking the morph from the palettes and combining them in
the world.

I've put a playfield and, over him, two buttons and a scrolling text.

(I'm not sure if playfield is the correct morph to use here, is the same
than pasteUpMorph?).

Inspecting I can see that scrolling text has "myContents"  and also I can
set an "internal name".

I don't know if these are that I need (I've tried and can't to be works),
but I wants to show text in the scrolling text in agreement to the pressed
button (Each button have an associated script).

>From these scripts I don't figure out how to reference the srolling text and
put the desired content and other properties.

In general this is the big problem that I'm seeing in my learning of morphs.
To better say, if I must to build code to show and work with morphs, is very
difficult to make all things "with hands", including size, position, colors,

If I use the "visual tools" and make the things "a la visual", then I can't
to extract the code that I need to use after in my own code and build the
visual (morph) ui of my project.

I'm not sure if I'm explaining correctly, :-S

Any help will be very useful for me.


Germán S. Arduino

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