Request for majorShrink fixes

Chris Burkert christian.burkert at
Sun Feb 23 15:13:21 UTC 2003

Doug Way wrote:
> If anyone has improvements which work, we can add them to the 3.4 update
> stream.

I've played with improving the removing of the eyes and the Worlds of 

remove the Worlds of Squeak
	ProjectViewMorph allInstancesDo:
	[ :m | (m hasProperty: #deleteWorldsOfSqueak) ifTrue:
		[ Project deletingProject: m project. m delete
	World submorphsDo:
	[ :i | (i isKindOf: SystemWindow) ifTrue:
		[ (i label = 'The Worlds of Squeak') ifTrue:
			[ i privateDelete.
	Project rebuildAllProjects.
	ScriptingSystem spaceReclaimed

remove the eyes
	FlashCharacterMorph allInstancesDo:
	[ :i | (i extension externalName = 'SqueakLogo') ifTrue:
		[ i delete.

I'm sure this could be written better but it removes more than the 
existing examples.

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