BobsUI Tutorial for newbie?

Germán S. Arduino garduino at
Sun Feb 23 19:52:07 UTC 2003

Thanks Doug by your response!.

I will try with your advices.

> I hope this gives you something to look at until I can write proper

Yes, sure. Of course, I will see the documentation when is ready.

> I have two warnings.  One is the next update to BobsUI will likely break
any windows you create in the current version, so > don't create anything
important, because you might have to delete it. I hope to release the next
version in a few months.
> After that change, BobsUI will be more stable and safe to use.

ok, Thanks to comment that. I will be looking forward the next version to
start production works.

> The second warning is that the goal for BobsUI is to be able to write
business applications in it,  [...SNIP...]

Cool!. Is exactly that I'm searching/needing (To build Business
Applications). Actually I'm trying to develop a customized app that must
works with oldest dbfs (foxpro MS/DOS) legacy data. I'm managing the data
with ODBC from Diego Gomez Deck and I was planning to use BobsUI to develop
the GUI.

Then I will have a fully functional application in Smalltalk (Squeak), pure
objects, and running in Windows and Linux.

> but it is not close to that goal yet.  If you look closely at the code you
will find bugs, bad code, and things which are only
> beginning to be implemented that need a lot of work.  Eventually these
things will be worked on, but today it is only about
> half finished.

You have plans to release the new stable version around June 2003 or before?

> If you have any questions, you can send an email.


I think that I can put this mail (your response to mine) in the swiki, is a
good starting point for the newbies, what do you think?

Again, Thanks by your response and I will be looking forward the new

Best Regards from Argentina.

Germán Arduino

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