[ANN] Zurgle registered on SqueakMap

Jim Benson jb at speed.net
Sun Feb 23 22:43:59 UTC 2003

Hi Jon,

This looks like a problem that I'll have to be discuss with Ned or Roel. In
the other Squeak windows, you get the pane color from the model, not the
owner morph. You'll also encounter the same problem if you drag the
SubWindow straight to the desktop without Zurgle installed.

If you just delete the offending method, StarBrowser appears. However other
problems pop up, directly related to bad interaction with the Zurg changes.
This is the first case that I've seen that tries to implant one SystemWindow
within another, looks like some changes are need to support that.


> I've updated the page with one I just found -- I installed the
> then Zurgle, and now StarBrowser won't open (its trying to get the
> paneColor from the owner of the SubWindow, and the StarBrowser SubWindow
> doesn't have an owner (its nil))
> This is using 3.4 gamma one...
> Later,
> Jon
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