Finding ConnectorMorphs

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at
Mon Feb 24 00:30:44 UTC 2003

Hi John.

The explorer is a wonderful tool for understanding the representation of

bring the haloe for you morph, pick the red handle
get the debug menu and bring up the explorer.
Go into the extension
into otherProperties
into connectedConstraints
who's owner is - your connectorMorph.

The extension, as it's name implies, is a mechanism to give Morphs
additional slots, sort of like dynamic instance variables.

Now all you have to do is find what methods will let you do the
traversal in code, which is quite easy using the browser, especially the
"inst var refs" option.

Have fun.


John Cigas <cigas at> wrote:
> I'm using Connectors and have reached an impasse. I've got 
> a few BasicShapeMorphs connected with ConnectorMorphs. What I'd like to do
> is have a BasicShapeMorph send a message to one of the ConnectorMorphs 
> attached to it, but I'm stuck finding the ConnectorMorphs. It seems like
> I could get to them through the BasicShapeMorph's extension, but I'm baffled
> at what the extension is or how to walk through its contents.
> I'd appreciate any help on getting from a BasicShapeMorph to an attached
> ConnectorMorph.
> Thanks,
> John Cigas

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