Adding Accufonts to the update stream (was Re: Licences Question : Squeak-L Art 6.)

Doug Way dway at
Mon Feb 24 05:53:29 UTC 2003

> "John W. Sarkela" <sarkela at> wrote:
>> The only constraint on the AccuFont license is that the source is
>> acknowledged. (It is embedded in an unused glyph.) ...

On Sunday, February 23, 2003, at 11:15 AM, Daniel Vainsencher wrote:
> I think replacing the fonts is one of the easy things we can do to make
> things simpler, Easy, mostly, because people have already done this 
> work
> (as John described), and it's on SM, pretty much ready to go.

I generally agree with Dan here... removing the Apple fonts is the 
right thing to do, and it will let us proceed with improving Squeak-L 
if we decide to do that.  I could add the Accufonts install to the 
3.5alpha update stream soon if there are no major objections.

However, to be safe, we should clear up a few issues before proceeding:

   - The Accufont license is a separate license from Squeak-L, so we 
would be adding stuff to the base image which doesn't have the Squeak-L 
license, which we haven't done in the past.  So, the Squeak base image 
downloads, for example, would need to include pointers to both 
licenses.  On the plus side, the Accufont license is very simple and 
unrestrictive.  Also, I don't think it's uncommon for open-source/free 
products (which include fonts) to include separate licenses for the 
included fonts.  So basically, I don't think this is a big problem... 
just something to be aware of.

   - Since the license specifies that acknowledgement is supposed to be 
included, presumably somewhere in the base image, I would propose 
adding the acknowledgement to the StrikeFont class comment.  Or is the 
fact that the acknowledgement is already "embedded in an unused glyph" 
sufficient? (if I interpreted that correctly?)

   - As Ned mentioned, we should set the text default font size to 
Accuny10, not 9, so it's roughly equivalent to what we have now in the 
image.  (I notice the window titlebar default font is different, 
although I don't mind the new one.  But we could also switch that back 
if needed.)

   - The "replace" option in the Accufont install gets rid of the Apple 
"NewYork" fonts, but it also removes the Comic fonts, which were not 
from Apple.  (They were borrowed from a different source. :-)  However, 
bitmaps are probably unprotectible anyway so we probably don't ever 
need to reveal where they were borrowed from.)  So, as far as the 
Squeak-L license is concerned, we probably don't *really* need to get 
rid of the Comic fonts, since they're not Apple fonts and thus aren't 
relevant to Squeak-L.  However, I don't really mind getting rid of 
them, either, to be safe.  Just note that if we remove them, the look 
of the tiles and flap tabs changes a bit.

   - The Accufont package includes a sans-serif font (Accujen) which 
looks a lot like Helvetica to me, so perhaps this addresses the issue 
that Cees mentions.  The "Helvetica bitmaps" are an alternative, but 
they similarly come with their own (unrestrictive) license, and so we'd 
still have an extra license to deal with either way.  Another minor 
plus for the Accufonts is that they already have the back-arrow mapped 
for Squeak.

- Doug Way

p.s. Here is the text of the Accufont license, for reference:


"Copyright Arts Management Systems, Ltd."

© Arts Management Systems Ltd.

The fonts distributed as part of this base image are derived from fonts 
copyright Arts Management Systems, Ltd. Use of the fonts in derivative 
software products is allowed.

The fonts should retain their AccuFont names.

The acknowledgement should read:

 >Doug Easterbrook
 >Arts Management Systems Ltd.
 >mailto:doug at
 >Phone (403) 215-5701 Fax (403) 215-5704


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