Adding Accufonts to the update stream (was Re: LicencesQuestion : Squeak-L Art 6.)

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at
Mon Feb 24 13:42:41 UTC 2003

Ian Piumarta wrote:
>   Unix		MacRoman	ISO-8859-1	table lookup
>   Win32		MacRoman	no idea		idem

The Windows VM used to use ISO-8859-1, too.  Windows itself uses CP1252 
(in those regions where ISO-8859-1 is appropriate) which is a superset 
of ISO-8859-1 and nearly a superset of ISO-8859-15, with only the EURO 
placed at a different location.

And while on it, +1 for ISO-8859-1 or even perhaps ISO-8859-15 which is 
the former with the international currency symbol replaced by the EURO sign.
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