Islands for Squeak3.4 and beyond

torge.husfeldt at torge.husfeldt at
Mon Feb 24 18:56:04 UTC 2003

I've been trying for the last few days to filein your islands.
The last thing i tried was a 2.9-2431 image with a Squeak3.0B2 VM
and still no luck:
With some tweaking i get to the point where th cs  symbol is filed in.
When finally String>>stringhash is removed everything goes down the
i.e. MethodDictionaries fail to be properly hashed and you now what
that means...


P.S.: I'll write a sum up of what i had to do in order to get this far

"Lex Spoon" <lex at> wrote:
> Wow, Brent!  Go for it!
> I notice that the code seems to come from Squeak 2.9, patch 2447.  So
> that's the ideal image version to try again with.  If you are using a
> different version, then please try with that one.
> There is a VM patch that will be needed down the line, by the way: it's
> forgivingPrims.cs.  Are you up for that kind of thing, or does someone
> else need to jump in?  After a little thought, I think it is best to
> separate the VM change from Islands proper.  It's a simple change, and
> it has no effect for regular images.  Thus, it would help if someone
> loaded forgivingPrims.cs into a current image and regenerated interp.c
> from it.  Note that to get it loaded, it is necessary to add this method
> to ClassDescription:
>     makeSelector: ignored privilaged: ignored2
>         "do nothing"
> But the primitive is not needed until later in tho bootstrap process. 
> I'm not sure why PrivilagedMethods would fail to load.  It *is* doing a
> tricky thing by adding a variable to ClassDescription, and maybe
> ClassBuilder is having problems.  If you are using an earlier Squeak
> version than expected, then perhaps that is the problem.  (My early
> guestimate was Squeak 2.8, but it looks like 2.9p2447 is the right one) 
> If not, can you figure out how for through the changeset it gets?  Or
> does it even *finish* the changeset?
> -Lex

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