Good start for Stewardship

Brent Vukmer bvukmer at
Mon Feb 24 20:18:07 UTC 2003

It seems to me that the Morphic Cleaning Project guys have gotten off to
a good start at with a minimal process:

(1) They put up a page on the Swiki( ), on which:
--They've listed their goals
--They've listed the tasks they want to do
--They've posted the names of the people in their group
--They've posted the changesets for the tasks they've done, in order
--They've posted tests for what they're doing 

(2) They are posting to the squeak-dev list using distinctive ( [MCP] )
--They've asked about methods they may remove
--They inquire about functionality on which tests break

I believe that step (3) will probably be submitting the MCP group's
first set of changes to "interested parties" for review, and then to the
Guides for review.   

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Personally I think this discussion is *the most important* issue for the
community right now and we need to find a process for this. If you or
anyone have good ideas how we should proceed then I/we are all ears -
this discussion just got started.

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