Adding Accufonts to the update stream (was Re: Licences Question : Squeak-L Art 6.)

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Mon Feb 24 21:22:34 UTC 2003

> >  Use of the fonts in derivative 
> > software products is allowed.
> > 
> That's the biggest issue I have with the license. It's 
> extremely vague - what is a 'derivative software product'.
> And what if I want to use them for something that does not
> fit that term?

But what exactly - short of extracting the fonts - would not fit that term?
I have a hard time coming up with any example here. And extracting the fonts
is what the copyright holders decidedly did not want (e.g., making a Windows
font file out of them or similar). To me, the above "restriction" sounds
entirely reasonable and plausible.

  - Andreas

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