[ANN] [UPDATES] 1 new update for 3.4g and 3.5a

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Tue Feb 25 06:49:34 UTC 2003

Ok folks, here's the first update published under the auspices of the 
Guides.  Scott Wallace has transferred stewardship of the update stream 
over to me, and we seem to have the kinks worked out of the system now.

A harvesting tool is in the works which will eventually require less 
manual intervention on my part to publish these updates... but for now, 
I'm handling them manually.

This particular update will likely be the final update for 3.4, which 
will be moving to "final" status shortly, barring any unforeseen 

5170UUIDSeedFromSound-jf -- Julian Fitzell and Doug Way -- 2 February 
UUIDGenerator>>makeSeedFromSound uses #ifCurtailed: to catch any errors.
On Windows, when you remove the sound stuff from the image, an error is 
generated but doesn't trigger the error block.  As a result you can't 
get a UUID.
(Modified by Doug Way so that the call to #makeSeedFromSound is 
completely commented out of #makeSeed, since its reliability is 
unproven.  Julian's fix is still in the method, though, if needed.)
Tim Rowledge said on the mailing list:
     ifCurtailed: only runswhen the Process is terminated!
     Sigh. I provided a 3.4b change to do this for the makeUnixSeed but 
     spotted the sound one."

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