[ANN] [UPDATES] 1 new update for 3.4g and 3.5a

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Tue Feb 25 08:39:13 UTC 2003

Doug Way <dway at riskmetrics.com> wrote:
> Ok folks, here's the first update published under the auspices of the 
> Guides.  Scott Wallace has transferred stewardship of the update stream 
> over to me, and we seem to have the kinks worked out of the system now.

Way to go Doug. What would we do without you? (And I like the subtle
adoption of the classic greeting from we all know who)

And once again - a great thanks to Scott for all his work up to now! Btw
Scott, what are you up to nowadays professionally? Squeakland? Weather
stations? Just curious. :-)

> A harvesting tool is in the works which will eventually require less 
> manual intervention on my part to publish these updates... but for now, 
> I'm handling them manually.

Right, we need to get that project started... So little time... Hey all
of you out there - this is a GREAT time to step forward and become the
heroes of the community! :-)

> This particular update will likely be the final update for 3.4, which 
> will be moving to "final" status shortly, barring any unforeseen 
> developments.


regards, Göran

PS. Yes, I am in a good mood today! Don't know why really, but so what.

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