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Tue Feb 25 21:25:19 UTC 2003

On Jan 22, 2003 Travis Griggs <tgriggs at> wrote:

> Gavin Scott wrote:
> > Slashdot is reporting that the Gnome people have talked Bitstream into
> > licensing a total of ten high-quality fonts for use in free software.  I
> > haven't gone to see what the actual license looks like, but I thought it
> > might be worth mentioning here.  The press release is at:
> There scalable. It's variations of the Vera font, Mono, Sans, Serif, 
> etc. It's a BSD-ish license (OSI approved alread). What I would like to 
> know is how well populated they are (i.e. how many of glyphs are there).
Today Jim Getty <Jim.Gettys at> wrote that the fonts are now
downloadable from . It is now possible to
answer the question of Travis:

These fonts contain between 261 and 263 hinted glyphs, and two character
to glyph mappings (namely MacIntosh Roman and Microsoft 
Unicode BMP). If I  do not err, all glyphs for  MacIntosh Roman, 
ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1)  and windows-1252 are present. The
fonts do not support other alphabetic scripts. Note that the presence
of the character-to-glyph mapping named "Microsoft Unicode BMP"
does not imply support for Unicode; it implies only that the glyphs
that are present in the font can be retrieved by their Unicode codepoints.

The font names are: 
Bitstream Vera Sans Roman
Bitstream Vera Sans Oblique
Bitstream Vera Sans Bold
Bitstream Vera Sans Bold Oblique
Bitstream Vera Serif Roman
Bitstream Vera Serif Bold
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Roman
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Oblique
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Bold
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Bold Oblique
Bitstream Vera Serif Bold

Hope this gives some information about the usablility of these fonts

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