Beta test Bitstream Vera fonts available.

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Tue Feb 25 22:15:48 UTC 2003

Thanks. I've tried them out but the quality in small sizes is not overly
convincing. I've attached a small picture that shows Vera Sans in different
sizes (VeraSansStrike.gif). Since the glyphs were generated using Squeak (w/
font plugin) I cannot judge the kerning (Squeak doesn't use the kerning
pairs currently) but some of glyphs look problematic - for example, watch
the "O" in line 1 and 3, the "b" in Line 2, the "ö" (o-umlaut) and question
marks in line 4 the "N" in lines 5 and 6. The other fonts included look
similar in quality; generally good fonts but somewhat poor at small sizes.

I've also tried with Yoshiki's TTF support and it looks better, yet at small
sizes it is too washed out (see VeraSansTTF.gif). So it seems that while
these fonts are nice they aren't really as great in small sizes.

BTW, someone wrote that these fonts are hinted - is this certain?! From the
looks of it I see nothing that seems to go beyound regular drop-out support
but maybe Windows (aka: the font plugin) is screwing me. I'd like to see if
someone on a different platform can get "better results" than what I am

  - Andreas

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> Enjoy.
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