[BUG] ZipArchve>>extractMember:toFileNamed:

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Tue Feb 25 22:25:00 UTC 2003

Hi Guys,

While trying to play with the Vera fonts I tried to install the Win32Fonts
from Squeakmap. I had done this before and it always worked but not today.
Debugging the problem I found the cause of this be
ZipArchive>>extractMember:toFileNamed: which will _always_ extract to a
relative path even if an absolute one is given. E.g., evaluating something

	aZipArchive extractMember: 'foo.bar' toFileNamed: 'D:\My

will actually result in putting the file foo.bar into '<image directory>\My
Squeak\foo.bar'. This can't be right - if we give the archive an absolute
path to extract something to, why would it forcefully interpret this as a
relative one and even skip the drive?!

This change must have happened recently as I have successfully installed
this very package at various times in the past. I don't know if any other
packages are affected by this but I think it's worthwhile to check.

  - Andreas

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