[BUG][3.4] Etoys broken due to ZipArchiveMember>>fileName

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Tue Feb 25 22:55:24 UTC 2003

Hi Guys,

I seem to have it with ZipArchive today. I was hunting a bug in the project
publishing code in the Squeakland plugin and just happened to use a 3.4
image (I still had it open since I was playing with the Vera fonts - see the
other message). It broke immediately which (at first) I happily thought was
the problem I am looking for (the symptoms were "right"). 

Unfortunately it wasn't. Turns out that ZipArchiveMember>>fileName was
changed to return a platform-specific path which breaks the entire resource
management machinery (both publishing and loading) relying on the fact that
zip archives contain "canonical" unix-style path names (if any). In short,
that makes eToys unusable in 3.4 since all "reasonably complex" sketches
drawn with 3.4 will come out as scaled stubs only (e.g., they will look
horribly washed out - see attached pictures).

Any ideas?

  - Andreas
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