[GOODIE] X11Fonts (was RE: Adding Accufonts to the update stream)

Ian Piumarta ian.piumarta at inria.fr
Wed Feb 26 00:32:13 UTC 2003

On Tue, 25 Feb 2003, Daniel Vainsencher wrote:

> That, IIUC, means both that no VM changes is needed, and that no
> incompatibility is caused,

See Andreas's reply on the issues (and my comments about "lossy"
conversions in an earlier post).

> in which case, it's merely a matter of creating another font package
> to put SM, and either should be installable after the other.

Just registered on SqueakMap: X11Fonts.  It's a SAR that will install
ISO-8859-15(Latin9)-encoded TimesRoman, Helvetica, Courier and Fixed in
various point sizes as system fonts.  Install tested in a vanilla 3.4g1
image.  Sorry if it breaks for anyone else: it's the first SAR I ever
tried to build.

Note that it does _not_ modify any existing fonts.  (The Apple fonts
remain installed and available.)

Note also that left arrow is underscore in these fonts, and we need to
think about how to deal with this.  I'm for moving it to an unused slot in
the encoding and then having a VM preference (or parameter or whatever) to
have the `_' key (or whichever ;) reported as the new left arrow charcode.  
E.g., the range 127 through 159 (inclusive) is unused in 8859-15.  127
would seem to be a good choice since it doesn't clash with WinLatin-x
(should anyone decide to add the additional glyphs); otherwise 129, 141,
143, 144 and 157 are also unassigned in CP1252 (aka WinLatin1).

This would of course leave somebody with the task of replacing all
left arrow characters in the 3.5 .changes file with the new charcode and
then convincing themselves that nothing broke in the process.

If anyone wants to play with these in earnest (e.g., with the symbols,
accented chars and ligatures working they way they should) then I would be
prepared to make the corresponding VM modifications in my 3.5-devel
sources and build new binaries.  (But maybe not for a day or two.)


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