[GOODIE] X11Fonts (was RE: Adding Accufonts to the update stream)

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Feb 26 00:55:09 UTC 2003

Yeah! Nice fonts! Thanks a lot. Hey, can you make up TTFs from those Type 1
fonts you were talking about?! I'd love to use them with Yoshiki's stuff too

  - Andreas

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> On Tue, 25 Feb 2003, Daniel Vainsencher wrote:
> > That, IIUC, means both that no VM changes is needed, and that no
> > incompatibility is caused,
> See Andreas's reply on the issues (and my comments about "lossy"
> conversions in an earlier post).
> > in which case, it's merely a matter of creating another font package
> > to put SM, and either should be installable after the other.
> Just registered on SqueakMap: X11Fonts.  It's a SAR that will install
> ISO-8859-15(Latin9)-encoded TimesRoman, Helvetica, Courier 
> and Fixed in
> various point sizes as system fonts.  Install tested in a 
> vanilla 3.4g1
> image.  Sorry if it breaks for anyone else: it's the first SAR I ever
> tried to build.
> Note that it does _not_ modify any existing fonts.  (The Apple fonts
> remain installed and available.)
> Note also that left arrow is underscore in these fonts, and we need to
> think about how to deal with this.  I'm for moving it to an 
> unused slot in
> the encoding and then having a VM preference (or parameter or 
> whatever) to
> have the `_' key (or whichever ;) reported as the new left 
> arrow charcode.  
> E.g., the range 127 through 159 (inclusive) is unused in 8859-15.  127
> would seem to be a good choice since it doesn't clash with WinLatin-x
> (should anyone decide to add the additional glyphs); 
> otherwise 129, 141,
> 143, 144 and 157 are also unassigned in CP1252 (aka WinLatin1).
> This would of course leave somebody with the task of replacing all
> left arrow characters in the 3.5 .changes file with the new 
> charcode and
> then convincing themselves that nothing broke in the process.
> If anyone wants to play with these in earnest (e.g., with the symbols,
> accented chars and ligatures working they way they should) 
> then I would be
> prepared to make the corresponding VM modifications in my 3.5-devel
> sources and build new binaries.  (But maybe not for a day or two.)
> Ian

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