[Q] Connectors

Hernan Tylim hptylim at dc.uba.ar
Wed Feb 26 15:30:59 UTC 2003

	I'm having problems with the following scenario in Connectors.

	I have a PasteUpMorph and a couple of connected morphs with an

	When I disconnected one of the connector's ends and that end was following
the hand, I noticed that the connector's owner changed to the world and it's
bounds were transformed to the world's coordinate system. So far so good.

	The problem began when I dropped the dragged end over the pasteUpMorph. The
connector's owner changed to the pasteUpMorph but the coordinate systems on
the connector's end were swapped. The connected end was using the
pasteUpMorph coordinate system but the disconnected one was using the world
coordinate system.

	Is this the expected behavior? Shouldn't it be using the coordinate system
of the front-most pasteUpMorph in which the connector's end was dropped?



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