m17n Squeak, Swiki refactoring etc.

Edmund Ronald eronald at cmapx.polytechnique.fr
Wed Feb 26 16:08:40 UTC 2003


If the user cannot post on the Swiki, it is not the user's problem, it is
the Swiki's problem. There are ZILLIONS such issues that crop up in
international environments, and they need to be handled in a way
acceptable to USERS and not be allowed to surface as bugs which
APPLICATION DEVELOPERS have to deal with. Which is why I propose making
internationalisation part of what the core Squeak team is responsible for.

The work you have done on internationalisation is so important, that it
rates a much heavier commitment from the Squeak community. For my part,
if you need help on parts of the documentation I will be very pleased to
write some .


PS. Re. the image - my problems with it were so catastrophic that I gave
up. It kept losing my mods, and turning into an irrecoverable
mess. Someone more experienced than me could have dealt with it, but I got
too exasperated to bother. I assume every native speaker knew what the bug
fixes were, but I coudln't find them. I sent some emails and was told it
was my problem to fix, and I couldn't fix it. So I gave up. 

 > If I remember correctly, this was not exactly a Nihongo image
> problem, right?  (Hmm, I can't remember well...)  The data sent from
> the web browsers via POST simply assume the content type to be the one
> declared in the page itself and the (modified) MimeDocument class
> didn't (and doesn't) handle it properly or such?
> -- Yoshiki

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