[Q] Connectors

Hernan Tylim hptylim at dc.uba.ar
Wed Feb 26 18:35:48 UTC 2003

> > 	The problem began when I dropped the dragged end over the
> > pasteUpMorph. The connector's owner changed to the pasteUpMorph but
> > the coordinate systems on the connector's end were swapped. The
> > connected end was using the pasteUpMorph coordinate system but the
> > disconnected one was using the world coordinate system.
> >
> > 	Is this the expected behavior? Shouldn't it be using the
> > coordinate system of the front-most pasteUpMorph in which the
> > connector's end was dropped?
> Do you have the most recent version of Connectors?

1.9. The same version that it's now on Squeakmap.

Please note that what I mentioned on my previous post is similar but not the
same problem that was solved with the connectors last fix (the one about

What I was asking was related to dropping a connector's end in a
pasteUpMorph that's not the world.

I could try to fix it but I am not sure what should be the expected
behavior. If you tell me then I could give it a shot.



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