documenatation of SPrevayler

Adrian Lienhard adi at
Wed Feb 26 22:03:36 UTC 2003

Hi Marco

Nice work!

- I'd also like to see an example with some more detail (e.g. bank
account..). I think this would be more illustrative than the count example
to see what has to be done on the model to make the objects conform to
- Could you also say something about how stable and mature it is?
- Put it on SqueakMap, so more people will download and use it!

Adrian Lienhard

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> Marco Paga <mail at> wrote:
> > Hi.
> > Can somebody have a look at ?
> > It would be kind if you could tell me what is missing.
> >
> > Marco
> I could think of another more elaborate example. The one which adds just
> a number is OK to see how to implement it technically but to get a
> feeling for the whole idea and the complexity (or non-complexity) a more
> elaborate example would be fine.
> I suggest the bank account or phone book demo
> (
> A GUI is not necessary but of course it would be nice to hook up BobsUI
> to a prevayler system. BobsUI (on SqueakMap)  already comes with an
> example phone book. So it could be an idea to use just that and add
> persistency with prevayler to that.
> Thank you for doing this interesting work.
> Hannes
> P.S. Main entry URL into the Java prevayler site
> P.S. 2. At the moment I can not download the Squeak prevalyer code.

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