documenatation of SPrevayler

Stephen Pair spair at
Wed Feb 26 22:09:02 UTC 2003

I don't really have any comment on the documentation itself; however the
docs got me thinking.

It would be interesting to combine Sprevaylor with REPLServer and a
minimal image.  I could see deploying an application in this way: the
deployment would consist of two running to host the
persistent/evolvable domain, and the other to host the transient/static
application that manipulates the domain (this might be a morphic gui or
web UI).

The domain hosting image would be based on some minimal image (to reduce
memory footprint) and accessed via REPLServer.  It would run in headless
mode.  Every command that comes through the REPLServer would be logged
(for the purposes of recovery).  On startup, any pending log entries
would get replayed (this is the normal Sprevaylor stuff here).

REPLServer could even be modified such that instead of responding with a
normal print string, it could instead use something like an #xmlPrintOn:
method.  The application image could then parse the XML formatted

- Stephen

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