Adventures in Plugging In

Brian Brown rbb at
Thu Feb 27 05:28:32 UTC 2003


I am attempting to understand the Plugin layer and am working through the 
tutorial at:

Everything in the tutorial was going great until it instructed to "execute the 

FooPlugin translateDoInlining: true

That produces a traceback (walkback? What do we call these in Squeak?) and the 
closest message I can find in the InterpreterPlugin class is 
translate:doInlining... so I tried to use that. I cannot for the life of me 
figure out what the first paramter to this message is supposed to be. It is 
used in the following line: 

    storeCodeOnFile: (t1 fullNameFor: t4)

storeCodeOnFile is expecting a filename, which fullNameFor: would produce, as 
t4 is (in this case) 'Foo.c'.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, or educate me in other ways to find out 
what I should be doing? I used hierarchy button to find all the superclass info 
as well as implementors to see info for a particular method.

One caveat... I come from a mostly structured programming background, with way 
to much web application programming thrown in, so not only am I trying to 
understand squeak, I'm trying to "re-initialize" my brain for Object-Oriented 
thought... It's giving me a migraine. But I like migraine's, so it's a Good 
Thing (tm)

(I am thinking of sueing the university I went to that had the gall to give me 
a computer science degree and barely mentioned SmallTalk and the contributions 
that project at Xerox-Parc made to the things I use everyday... I feel cheated 



Brian Brown
TechGame Networks, LLC.

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