Adventures in Plugging In

Ned Konz ned at
Thu Feb 27 05:40:27 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 26 February 2003 09:28 pm, Brian Brown wrote:

> I am attempting to understand the Plugin layer and am working
> through the tutorial at:
> Everything in the tutorial was going great until it instructed to
> "execute the following:"
> FooPlugin translateDoInlining: true
> That produces a traceback (walkback? What do we call these in
> Squeak?) and the closest message I can find in the
> InterpreterPlugin class is translate:doInlining... so I tried to
> use that. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the first
> paramter to this message is supposed to be. It is used in the
> following line:

The interface has changed since Squeak 2.3 (which is what the tutorial 
was written for), and the tutorial should be edited.

Either use the VMMaker tool (recommended!), or do this:

FooPlugin translateInDirectory: FileDirectory default doInlining: 

Ned Konz

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