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Thu Feb 27 06:01:05 UTC 2003

Ned Konz <ned at> wrote:

> On Wednesday 26 February 2003 09:28 pm, Brian Brown wrote:
> > I am attempting to understand the Plugin layer and am working
> > through the tutorial at:
> Either use the VMMaker tool (recommended!), or do this:
> FooPlugin translateInDirectory: FileDirectory default doInlining: 
> true.
I'd recommend using the VMMaker or VMMakerTool when possible because it
will put things in the 'right' place (for some definition of 'right')
and you can easily do multiple plugins or even the whole vm with it.

To use the VMMaker, look on the swiki and search for 'vmmaker'.
Basically for your simplest case, try
(VMMaker default initializeInternal: #() external:#(FooPlugin))
Using the VMMakerTool will probably seem easier since it provides a GUI;
 + open the tool (world menu-> open-> VMMaker.
 + drag FooPlugin from the leftmost column of possible plugins to the
 right column (I'm assuming you want to make it an external plugin
 because to make an internal one you have to make the rest of the vm as
 + press the 'generate external' button.
 + wait a moment.
 + do whatever compiler magic your machine needs.

As you've discovered, the problem with a system that is constantly being
improved is that doc can get out of date.


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