documenatation of SPrevayler

Marco Paga mail at
Thu Feb 27 17:28:06 UTC 2003

Hi and thank you.

Adrian Lienhard wrote:

>Hi Marco
>Nice work!
>- I'd also like to see an example with some more detail (e.g. bank
>account..). I think this would be more illustrative than the count example
>to see what has to be done on the model to make the objects conform to
At the moment I'm trying to solve the problem of using 
Reference/DataStream next to it XML and other formats without changing 
the base class but after that I will develop a good example. [If there 
is somebody who has a good idea please mail me or even implement it.]

>- Could you also say something about how stable and mature it is?
I hope that can be done by somebody of the list two. I can help you when 
having problems, of course. So I could go on developing the main project.

>- Put it on SqueakMap, so more people will download and use it!
I'm new to squeak and smalltalk ain general so it would be kind if there 
was anybody out there who could register this project to squeakmap. The 
changeset is now downloadable.

>Adrian Lienhard


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