[FIX][Comanche] persistent connections

Ian Piumarta ian.piumarta at inria.fr
Thu Feb 27 18:42:11 UTC 2003

Comanche was not sending the correct 'Connection: {Keep-Alive,Close}' in
the response header.  The attached fix cures the problem allowing browsers
that aggressively use persistent connections (e.g., Safari) to work
without endless annoying "connection reset" errors.

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'From Squeak3.4gamma of ''7 January 2003'' [latest update: #5169] on 27 February 2003 at 7:34:48 pm'!
"Change Set:		KeepAliveFix-ikp
Date:			27 February 2003
Author:			Ian Piumarta

Fix handling of keep-alive connections in GET requests.  Prevents newer browsers (such as Safari) from getting horribly confused when a persistent connection is closed by the server without warning."!

!HttpAdaptor methodsFor: 'processing' stamp: 'ikp 2/27/2003 19:32'!


		(self isPersistentConnection and: [Preferences keepAliveConnections])

			ifTrue: [response fieldAt: 'Connection' put: 'Keep-Alive']

			ifFalse: [response fieldAt: 'Connection' put: 'close'].

		response writeOn: self writeStream


	on: Error do: [ :ex | 

		"If we're here, it's likely because something on the other

		end of the socket it hosed.  Do nothing, a log entry will 

		be written and the socket and response will be destroyed"

	]! !

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