[ENH][DOC] MorphClassComment-efc

Eddie Cottongim cottonsqueak at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 27 19:26:56 UTC 2003

I had really only intended the swiki page to be a temporary work area. But I
do like the idea of some kind of linkage between internal and external docs.

It would be nice if there was a way for the swiki to directly reflect the
comments in the image (like javadoc but more dynamically bound), have a way
to annotate them, and provide a way that people could harvest updated
comments to go into the image. Something like, "show me all the class
comments people have annotated/updated since #5183", and the harvester would
pick the ones he/she thought were improvements for inclusion with the image.
--I don't think you'd want the new comments to go in the image
directly/automatically. Too easy for junk to get in that way.
--Need to work out the semantics of what happens when the image comment is
updated: Probably the comment text would be updated, but old annotations
would stay.

Maybe someone did that already. Just an idea.


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Looks great.  What about putting a hyperlink to the Swiki page for this
class comment( assuming that page is up-to-date ), within the class

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