Marco Paga mail at marco-paga.de
Fri Feb 28 10:54:04 UTC 2003

>Hm.  Do they?  
Yes they do it, I know it because I had some problems with it because ot 
this feature.

>Something like ReferenceStream will maintain object
>identity during a single serialization, but I don't think in your current
>implementation you maintain identity across multiple commands.  That is,
>if you save the same object as part of two commands, and you read them
>back from the log later, will the two commands you recreate actually have
>the same object, or two similar but different ones?  I'm pretty sure it'll
>be the latter, and that's what I'm trying to avoid.
>To put it another way, my understanding is that currently Command objects
>should only contain Strings, Numbers, etc, that can be easily serialized
>and restored.  I'd like them to be able to contain any domain object, and
>this means assigning ids so you can maintain identity.
>This might be too different from the Prevayler idea for you to want to
>implement it, but I think it would be a useful system
If it is a good thing I will implement it. No question. But I think that 
it is very similar to my intention. For me it is very important to 
create a system that is useful not just another prevayler port.

> - maybe I'll work up
>a prototype this weekend.
That would be great. I would like to see it to better understand what 
you want to create.


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