[Squeakfoundation] re: release prioritization (was "ClassBuilder problem")

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at netvision.net.il
Fri Feb 28 11:25:03 UTC 2003

I mean that we'll need a better mechanism than this for updating
packages that are in the image. Putting them in the package will cause
problems when, for example, a different change gets applied in the
update stream.

But I agree it's a good short term solution.


Ned Konz <ned at bike-nomad.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 27 February 2003 05:30 pm, Daniel Vainsencher wrote:
> > 2. Archive viewer bug fix gets auto-installed by SARInstaller
> > (which, btw, has it's own problems).
> Is there something I missed there?
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> Ned Konz
> http://bike-nomad.com

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