ComSwiki enhancement request (was Re: [ENH][DOC]MorphClassComment-efc)

Brent Vukmer bvukmer at
Fri Feb 28 13:38:45 UTC 2003

So every newly-created class would automatically have a hyperlink to the
appropriate Swiki page?  Sweeeet......

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I guess I've mentioned this before, but one simple solution would be to
an automatic link of some sort (or perhaps a menu item) from the class
in the Squeak browser to open scamper on a corresponding swiki page
about the
class.  This way, the swiki page could have more recent class comments
available, easily editable by anyone, as a sort of backup to the class
in the image (which as we know is often missing completely).  And this
comment would be easily accessible from the class browser.

However, we'd need a reliable way to specify a swiki page based on its
Something like should
access the
page "Morph" on the swiki.  Right now, you can try something like but it doesn't work reliably
(as in
this case).

I'm submitting this an an official ComSwiki enhancement request this
time, if
anyone feels like adding this feature. :-)

- Doug Way

Eddie Cottongim wrote:
> I had really only intended the swiki page to be a temporary work area.
But I
> do like the idea of some kind of linkage between internal and external
> It would be nice if there was a way for the swiki to directly reflect
> comments in the image (like javadoc but more dynamically bound), have
a way
> to annotate them, and provide a way that people could harvest updated
> comments to go into the image. Something like, "show me all the class
> comments people have annotated/updated since #5183", and the harvester
> pick the ones he/she thought were improvements for inclusion with the
> --I don't think you'd want the new comments to go in the image
> directly/automatically. Too easy for junk to get in that way.
> --Need to work out the semantics of what happens when the image
comment is
> updated: Probably the comment text would be updated, but old
> would stay.
> Maybe someone did that already. Just an idea.
> Eddie
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> Looks great.  What about putting a hyperlink to the Swiki page for
> class comment( assuming that page is up-to-date ), within the class
> comment?

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