release prioritization (was "ClassBuilder problem")

Simon Michael simon at
Fri Feb 28 16:56:14 UTC 2003

Daniel Vainsencher <danielv at> writes:
> If we have bugs (and we have more than just those handful that were
> mentioned), the solution isn't to delay the release, it is to have SUnit
> tests, use them, and keep them green. Think longer term - it's not about
> making a perfect release - that'll always be a good excuse to delay a
> little more. It's about having many releases, at quite frequent,
> predictable intervals, that are getting better and better, and keeping
> production and development close. That'll give us long term properties
> that will keep Squeak getting better.

+1, well said.

I've found releasing on the first of every month to be a useful discipline.
What changes would be needed to make this practical for squeak, I wonder ?
Maybe none.

Thanks for your work, guides.

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