[DOCS][Q] Morph naming asymmetry

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at bluewin.ch
Fri Feb 28 19:30:07 UTC 2003


While  reviewing the class comment Eddie did for the class Morph I was
wondering about Morph naming.

| m |
m _ Morph new openInWorld.
m name: 'someArbitraryString'.

m name "<ALT-P>"
	'a Morph<someArbitraryString>(2814)'

What are the reasons behind this asymmetry?

What do I have to do if I just want to name a morph for later retrieval?

    (World submorphNamed: 'someArbitraryString') == m 
gives back true.

What should be put in the class comment at the moment to explain this

Thanks in advance four your suggestions


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