release prioritization

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at
Fri Feb 28 22:14:08 UTC 2003

Makes perfect sense to me.


Jimmie Houchin <jhouchin at> wrote:
>  From my memory, it seems that the most recent goal of a 3.4 release was 
> to finalize Squeak as a release which primarily occurred under the 
> stewardship of Squeak Central.
> Squeak 3.5x and forward were to be the releases under the Guide system. 
> It can be somewhat confusing since it appears that a "Guide" is 
> releasing 3.4. However, the purpose did not change.
> While Squeak is not currently under any commercial or business type time 
> pressure, there are people who do base certain events on releases. For 
> example Stephane Ducasse sometimes releases materials (writings) which 
> are based on a certain Squeak release. Some people burn cds for 
> education and other distributions. So having a certain release which is 
> frozen does advantage these people. Sometimes do to their release 
> schedules some time pressure can be asserted.
> I hope this makes sense.
> Jimmie Houchin

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