Anyone done GIS/charting with Squeak?

Diego Gomez Deck DiegoGomezDeck at
Tue Jul 15 19:34:52 UTC 2003

Hi Ned,

In the past I used PlotMorph to create a poor-man GIS (you can see a 
screenshot and download it from:

You can also use: that looks nice.



At 05:40 PM 7/14/2003 -0700, Ned Konz wrote:
>Hi folks,
>We're thinking about building a marine navigational system in Squeak
>for the Microship project <>. Squeak will
>already be doing a lot of other things (including talking to a GPS)
>so it makes sense to have it do charts as well.
>There are a number of free charts available in a vector form called
>IHO S-57. We'd like to use them if possible.
>However, before starting to do something like this ourselves (Steve's
>not too sure that this would be a good first Squeak project), it
>makes sense to ask whether anyone else has done this in Squeak or
>another Smalltalk. There is some open source code in another language
>that we can look at if necessary.
>So: has anyone out there done any mapping/GIS/charting applications
>using Squeak? Might you be willing to share your code?
>Ned Konz

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