Doh! (was: Image hanging on startup)

Larry White ljw1001 at
Mon Jun 2 21:25:10 UTC 2003

I wanted to follow up since a number of people offered suggestions and some 
mentioned having similar image hanging problems:

The root cause was that McAfee's NetShield virus protection software 
conflicted with Squeak while scanning certain versions of my image file as 
they were loaded into memory.   The net result was that they deadlocked and 
Squeak appeared to hang.  Only certain images were affected but any image 
that hung was usable in spite of retry's, etc.

Once Netshield was modified to ignore my squeak directory, versions that I 
was unable to load became usable once again.  I have no idea why some images 
were impacted and others were not.

No issue with Squeak at all.

Thanks again for the help received.


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