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Thu Jun 5 15:08:54 UTC 2003

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> Interesting. I assume you intend it as a format for the sqfixes site.

Yes, a format. No reason we couldn't generate a RSS feed in parallel
with email and whatever other feed(s) may be offered in the future.  
> How would ENHs, FIXes and so forth get from the user to the archives?

Well, CommentNotePad could be enhanced to make XML-RPC calls.. Or the
guy working on a news aggregator could create a "plugin" that hooks into
the BugFixArchive-Model API.  

> How would squeak-dev dwellers stay reasonably informed?

RSS would just be an alternative channel.  In that case folks that
wanted to would *send* email and *receive* RSS.  Part of the point of
creating an abstraction layer (ArchivePost instead of MailMessage,
CommentNotePad instead of MailComposition) was to try to allow the
freedom for such future channels -- while depending upon/ cooperating
fully with the current process.

> Yeah, I know, we can think up some crazy scheme that'll work, 
> but if someone knows what common practice, it probably 
> wouldn't hurt us to at least consider it :-)

RSS is cool not so much b/c of traffic problems, as that it is widely
used for a similar use case.  It might be overkill.  It's worth thinking
about, along with other ideas in the "Feature Requests" area of the
Swiki project page ( :))... But
it's not going to hold up anything.  

I'd really like to beef up the BugFixArchive-Model API to handle the
current back-end functionality offered by the image running on Bert's
server, plus a few small-but-helpful enhancements ( see my earlier
"Don't kill Bert's workstation" email for details ).

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