running squeak in linux

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Thu Jun 5 21:01:53 UTC 2003

Am Donnerstag, 05.06.03 um 22:08 Uhr schrieb Dominic Fox:

> Getting Squeak to run on Linux defeated me the first time I tried, 
> although
> I wasn't trying very hard. It would be nice to have binaries/RPMs for 
> some
> more platforms (I couldn't get any that worked with Mandrake 9.0) - if 
> they
> already exist, it would be nice if they were easier to find.

Good idea. I'm sure if you build an mdk-rpm Bruce would upload it on 
the Squeak ftp server. And Ian could put a link to "contributed" 
binaries on the official download page. Are you game? :-)

-- Bert

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