RSS (was: Re: [FIX] KlattLayoutFix-nk ( [cd][er][et][sm] ))

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at
Fri Jun 6 11:55:05 UTC 2003

Brent Vukmer <bvukmer at> wrote:
> > How would ENHs, FIXes and so forth get from the user to the archives?

> Well, CommentNotePad could be enhanced to make XML-RPC calls.. Or the
> guy working on a news aggregator could create a "plugin" that hooks into
> the BugFixArchive-Model API.  
Yes, this is what I'm curious about - how are RSS stream usually
generated? XML-RPC? I don't know. The link provided explained RSS
itself. If anybody has good pointers on the tech and usage patterns
around it, I'd appreciate them.

> > How would squeak-dev dwellers stay reasonably informed?
> > 
> RSS would just be an alternative channel.  In that case folks that
> wanted to would *send* email and *receive* RSS.  Part of the point of
> creating an abstraction layer (ArchivePost instead of MailMessage,
> CommentNotePad instead of MailComposition) was to try to allow the
> freedom for such future channels -- while depending upon/ cooperating
> fully with the current process.
Hmm, so the list could recieve a weekly summary of the action, for
example. Or we could have an SM RSS aggregator package with some default



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