Problems with OSProcess/VMMaker/Balloon3D

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at
Tue Jun 10 08:08:01 UTC 2003

"David T. Lewis" <lewis at> wrote:
> Proceed through the debugger notifications, and you'll find that OSProcess
> and CommandShell work fine on Squeak 3.6alpha, and pass their SUnit tests.
> And of course if you load OSProcess into the 3.6 image with VM generation
> tools still in place, there is no problem at all.
Do you know a way to proceed through an MNU? 

> Probably it would be a good idea to separate the plugin classes from the
> rest of OSProcess to make it easier for folks who want to use just the run
> time OSProcess, and don't care about building the plugin.
Yes, I agree. Also, this should be a general rule of thumb. If part of
your package is only interesting to few people, and has extra prereqs,
separate it out, to keep life simple for those that are only interested
in the basic.

Tim Rowledge <tim at> wrote:
> The VM package needs the Balloon3D stuff for now because
> of the pool dictioanary issue that we have been working on under the
> thread 'Declarative Pools'
I don't understand this point and I'm curious. We have external plugins,
AFAIU, exactly so that a VM is independent of it's plugins. Why should
building a VM require loading the code for all or specific plugins at


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