[OT] Native Smalltalk for Mac ?

Alain Fischer mailinglist.fischer at bluewin.ch
Tue Jun 10 08:31:01 UTC 2003

Hello Torsten,

Perhaps It's related with this presentation:

It will be really nice to have a native Mac OS X Smalltalk.

I have played with sending message from Cocoa to Squeak through the 
but there is some more work to do and it is not very fast (~ 100 - 200 
because it seem that the VM is sleeping regularly and the message is 
on the next wake up.


On Mardi, juin 10, 2003, at 09:20 Europe/Zurich, 
Torsten.Bergmann at phaidros.com wrote:

> Looks like someone is preparing a new Smalltalk
> system for the Mac:
> http://www.ambrai.com/
> Does anyone have more informations about the above
> website?
> Bye
> Torsten

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