(rather) Strange method names

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Wed Jun 11 14:19:08 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 11 June 2003 06:39 am, rrobbes wrote:
>    Hi all,
> While using the magic Alt-q combination, I encoutered the following
> method name :
> starLogoTreesbosfcedppplppppttwssdlgrsttdt0
> (that was a frightening experience :-) )
> Upon further investigation, it appears that there are a bunch
> of such methods with weird name in the method category
> conversion of the class SmartRefStream.
> There don't seem to be senders of those methods.
> Does anyone knows what they're useful for ?

Yes, they're conversion methods that deal with instances changing 
shapes and being converted on file-in to a new image.

There is a Preference that will try to catch shape changes and 
auto-generate conversion methods (which you typically then have to 
edit) on CS fileout.

Ned Konz

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