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WEBB MCDONALD vanjulio at email.com
Wed Jun 11 21:44:39 UTC 2003


I have been thinking about the squeak.org webpage.  I wanted to try and get some of my ideas out immediately - so that they may have some chance to influence the design of the final product.  I put together a very primitive prototype intro page that you can see here:


Basically there are 2 uses for the page:
a) grabbing visitors' attention to show off the nifty parts of Squeak
b) provide seperate navigation between experienced users and first-timers

Option a) is the most interesting.  You can see the 5 categories I made up from the SqueakMap and from the previous organization of squeak.org.  But also there is the button for those "new to squeak".  The way I see it, this button should lead to a page that gives a broad survey of the resources available on Squeak - or the Squeak strongholds that are found on the web (Squeakland.org, Bob's super swiki, the coweb swiki, etc).  Also perhaps this option will provide a standard Squeak release (not the stripped down barebones version - but the heavy one with all the extra packages included - like eToys especially).

Option b) is not so interesting.  It would provide the basic things like the download resources and documentation - licensing info - basically people who already have an idea of what Squeak is will want the information contained here.  

Actually this enumeration is incorrect, because there are really 7 options - but I'm lumping 6 of the 7 into 1 (the 5 categories and the "new to squeak" button are all meant to be for the learner and not the developer).

The basic idea is to have a cool page that is attractive and shows off Squeak - and provides easy access to the actual descriptions of the categories and the various pieces that fall under them.  I am mostly trying to go to the other extreme of the dilapidated intro page that is currently in place.  

I don't know how helpful this is - but I thought I would give it a shot.  I pretty much have no web development experience so I don't plan to put the whole thing together.  Maybe these ideas can be beneficial for the formulation of the new layout however.

Let me know if I am unclear on something and hopefully I can make sense out of it so my input will be helpful.  

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