[KCP] SystemDictionary cleaning: Comments and design

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Wed Jun 11 21:48:30 UTC 2003

> The class SystemDictionary and Utilities are really a mess. How can a 
> class deal with VM statistic, graphical support, and some network 
> stuff?

No joke you forget. SystemDictionary deals with lot more than that.
You forgot changeset, sounds, namespace, ....ok I stop this is not fun 
at all.

> That's not OO programming.
> Such classes have too much dependencies and that's against all the 
> basic principle of OO programming. Here is a nice example, why should 
> I write Utilities pointOrNilFrom: '2,6' ? IMHO, that is really absurd.

Come on alex this is what roel called Solution-Oriented.
No need for design, just make it work. Solution-Oriented this is the 
future: no XP, no test, no process, no design, just the solution. Go 
for Solution-Oriented Programming.

We should really propose a serious workshop on Solution-Oriented 


PS: You should have told us what Utilities pointOrNilFrom: '2,6' does 
Because this is obscure to me.

> Alexandre
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>>   - Andreas
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