On using DVS & .sars

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Thu Jun 12 20:38:05 UTC 2003

On Thursday 12 June 2003 11:40 am, Tim Rowledge wrote:
> I've just been putting together a .sar for the VMMaker package and
> had a few strangenesses.
> I noticed the #fileInPackageNamed: method and thought "oh goody,
> this'll be the one to use to file in a DVS made file". Bzzt.
> Somehow it not only didn't register the package, it _prevented_ the
> doit at the end of the DVS file from registering the package. Using
> #fileInMemberNamed: worked which was a relief but a surprise.

Hmm... I use fileInPackageNamed: in Connectors. Have you figured out 
why the registration doesn't happen? I've noticed this, but just end 
up doing an add/edit in the DVS panel.

> DVS files out code with LF instead of CRs. I guess this is to suit
> CVS, which is reasonable given the purpose of DVS. Code reads ok in
> the browsers but if you file it out 'normally' it has CRs and LFs
> all over the place.
> I added a couple of classes (previously dropped by accident of
> category mis-naming) and edited a coupleof methods and tried to use
> 'Changes'. DVS churned away for about twenty minutes (yes, my
> machine really is slow) and gave me.... nothing. The produced log
> filewas empty. Clearly there should have actually been _something_
> to show for two entire classes!

What you really need is "reverse changes". I added this to DVS and 
sent it to Avi. This'll show what's new in your image vs. what's in 
the project. Changes shows what's new in the project vs. in your 

Ned Konz

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